#1. Remember to unconditionally love me.

I don’t know if I totally believe that you have to “love yourself first in order to love someone else”.  It’s the word first that gets me when I hear that line.  Who cares who you love first as long as you manage to love both your partner and to love yourself unconditionally….. without stipulations or demands or guidelines.  Sometimes it’s tough to love without reason and just because.  We’ve all seen how many conditions people put on being in loving relationships.  Sadly, we put some of those same conditions on loving ourself.

To love him, you’ve got to love you too:)



  1. phenomejmarie

    I feel you…But I truly believing in loving yourself FIRST! For me the idea behind the “first” is that you cant truly learn to love someone else until you can learn to love yourself. I think many times people become dependent on others for happiness, vale, worth etc. When you are whole you are able to love wholly and completely without expectation or reliance on another. your love works through responding through the essence of who you are rather then reacting on how they make you feel. just my 2 cents 🙂

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