#5. Love him for him!

My “him” is a funny, inspirational, good kissing, super handsome dancing machine.  Those things make him absolutely awesome to me.  Your him may be strong, protective, sexy, funny — like my him:), wealthy and on and on and on.

Great men have tons of great qualities that play into who they are, but I’m not sure that any of those qualities should play into why you love him.Just love him for him.
That’s probably best.  When I read the great love stories, love is alway unconditional (see my #1 Way to Love Him).  Unconditional love isn’t based on specific qualities or characteristics.  When you love someone unconditionally, you somehow magically learn to love them for who they are and for no other reason.  I think deep down, this is what’s important to men in regards to love.  They want to know that you love them just because they are who they are.

One day, my love’s jokes may become more corny than they are funny. He may not inspire me in as big of a way.  As weeks turn to years, his kisses may get sloppy. His super handsome-ness may become average.  His moves on the dance floor man downgrade to a simple two-step.  I’ll take that!

More than anything, I want to be able to honestly and confidently say that I still love him even if the coolest things about him change.



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