#8. Say, “Help me fix this.”

English: A standard household claw hammer.

English: A standard household claw hammer. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I may not understand why men like space (or perhaps I just don’t want to face the fact that it’s just the truth), but I do understand this one and I’ve mastered it.


Men deserve to feel manly. It’s probably not politically correct to say things, but who cares. This is my blog and I know this one works. I don’t think you should run around asking your love to help you with simple and menial tasks, but if it’s anything that could possibly cause you to break a nail and your manicure is less than 3 days old, you should say these 4 little words:










Pay special attention to the period after the word “this.”


The key to making sure your man feels loved is in closing your mouth and moving on to whatever is next on your agenda once he starts “fixing it.” Don’t tell him how you want it done. Don’t critique. Don’t give advice on it. Just zip your lips, move on and let him fix it.


Say thanks when he’s done and he will love you for it.



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