#30. Let him surprise you.

Velveeta Cheese

Velveeta Cheese (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Red beans and rice.



And Cheese.  


I’d worked late and even though I’d planned on cooking him dinner, I was a bit annoyed when I got his text asking that I cook broccoli And Cheese.

First of all, I don’t like broccoli and cheese.  Broccoli is fine but the “And Cheese” is not a fan favorite for me.  He loves it.

Secondly, I knew I had frozen broccoli in the freezer, but I didn’t have any Velveeta.  That meant I’d have to go to the grocery store.  I was already working at until 8pm.  I didn’t want to be working until 8pm.  I also didn’t want to go to the store.

Instead of complaining to him, I sent back a message that only said, “yes.”  He’d been stressed.  He wanted the And Cheese so I’d suck it up and make sure his dinner was  warm by the time he made it over.

When I made it to the grocery store, I’d made a mental list things I needed so I grabbed a buggy.  There was no point in wasting a trip to the grocery store on only buying the And Cheese.  It was 9:15pm before I pulled up to my place.  I hated carrying grocery bags up the stairs and into my apartment.  Ugh!  Frustrated and annoyed.
And then it happened.

I turned the key to my place and I smelled red beans and rice, salmon, broccoli and the cheese was in one of my bags.  My frown immediately turned upside down.

There he sat with a big, ol’ southern smile on his face because he knew he had got me.  Surprise!  Daddy’s home and dinner’s ready.

I could’ve complained.  I could’ve told him no when he asked about the cheese.  Hell, I could called it a cereal for dinner night (which he hates). Thank God my attitude didn’t get the best of me and I went with the flow. Dinner was great!  I even ate the And Cheese:)





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