#39. Know when to walk away from a fight.

English: Ricardo Dominguez (left) rallied late...

English: Ricardo Dominguez (left) rallied late to win a decision over Oregon’s Rafael Ortiz in the night’s toughest fight. Español: Los boxeadores Ricardo Dominguez (izquierda) y Rafael Ortiz (derecha). Français : Ricardo Dominguez (à gauche) combattant face à Rafael Ortiz (à droite) durant le combat le plus long de la nuit. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




Disagreements are going to happen in any relationships.  No matter how great your love for each other is, it’s going to happen.  Regardless, in loving a man, it’s important to know when to walk away.

Little things can escalate and explode quickly.

And don’t get me wrong, walking away from an argument isn’t easy.  We all want to win, but love isn’t about winning a fight.  It’s about being teammates despite the tough times.




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