#42. Believe that you’re beautiful.

I work at high schools.  I’ve visited over 100 high schools this year alone.  My job brings out my inner teenager and on most days I’m reminded about how often we (girls, I mean), forget that we are beautiful.  That lack of esteem or self confidence or whatever you’d like to call it sometimes follows us from our days as cute teens to our days of being beautiful women.

Guys notice it.

They always notice it.

We think they don’t pay attention.

They do.

On those days that we don’t feel beautiful, they usually take note… probably because they don’t understand why we don’t realize how incredibly beautiful.

Today, I didn’t feel pretty.  He noticed it.  Or maybe he didn’t.  He called me beautiful as soon as he came in from work.  He does that every evening.  Today I needed that and even though this blog is about how I show him love, right now all I want to do is show him a little appreciation for how he loves me.


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