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#62. Be Thankful.

There’s something good about him.

Let him know what those things are.

Saw thank you and then show him you’re thankful.


#61. Love intentionally.

In everything you do, your intention should be to give love.

In every word spoken…

In every action taken…

Intentionally love him.

#9. Smile.

Smile! Welcome Back =]

Smile! Welcome Back =] (Photo credit: blentley)


It’s FREE!

Everyone loves free stuff. That includes your man. Flash those pearly whites his way as often as possible and when you do mean it. Fake smiles get you no where and if anyone knows when you faking (a smile, that is), your “him” knows when you’re faking.




#2. Be Team Awesome.


I’d almost forgotten how we came up with Team Awesome. ¬†I’d beat him in Jenga. ¬†Twice.

My sweet, love had actually never played Jenga before. ¬†That was unheard of to me, but that didn’t stop me from laying the smack down. ¬†I’m ¬†a pretty cheesy girl and even though I’m the cheesy one in our relationship, he always says things are awesome.

That song is awesome.

That shirt is awesome.

Dinner was awesome.

You’re awesome babe.

He says awesome a lot (very cheesy of him, I know). ¬†After beating him like he’d stole something, as part of my victory celebration, I touted that Team Awesome. ¬†It stuck. ¬†It’s like our super hero name. ¬†It’s our way of reminding each other that win, lose or draw, we’ve got each other’s backs. ¬†If nothing else it’s way cooler, and perhaps cheesier, than pet names.

An easy way to love him is coming with a name for your relationship.  Call it something.  Make it fun.  It will become meaningful.