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#62. Be Thankful.

There’s something good about him.

Let him know what those things are.

Saw thank you and then show him you’re thankful.


#61. Love intentionally.

In everything you do, your intention should be to give love.

In every word spoken…

In every action taken…

Intentionally love him.

#29. Keep it honest.


Photo credit: Erick-Pardus

He fell in love with you for specific reasons.  There was something in you that he found appealing.

If you aren’t being honest about who you are to be more appealing, you’re going to be in for a big surprise when he realizes that he isn’t in love with you anymore.  Honesty is the only policy in true love.

#28. Sing and dance to cheesy songs.

Sometimes when you’re in a rut, you’ve just got to rock out to a really fun song.  Lucky for us, the radio plays tons of them.  Take your pick and have at it.

Check out this video:

Couple Covers Thrift Shop to Celebrate their Proposal

#26. Cook him a feel-good, manly dinner.

English: Several pieces of fried chicken.

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For my “him” that dinner calls for fried chicken and potatoes.  Your “him” may be yearning for steak and potatoes.  You know you’re guy and you know what he loves to eat (and it’s probably not the salad that you’d  prefer).

Sometimes food has the power to entirely change a person’s mood.  Coffee and a little dark chocolate is like a special gift from God for me so why not take the time and cook him a mood changing meal.

#24. Take silly pictures together!

Silly couple

Silly couple (Photo credit: dhammza)




A lot of guys hate taking pictures. Posing for the camera just isn’t their thing, but as soon as you decide to take the wild and crazy picture, they’re game.  In a world of camera phones and Instagram, even the most camera shy of men will be down to snap a crazy picture. So make a silly face and say cheese!




#23. Spice things up.

A typical home's kitchen shelf of spices as wo...

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Sometimes, you just need to try out something new. This holds true in relationships also.

Sometimes you need to be extra romantic and a bit raunchy.

Let your imagination roll and if you can’t come up with anything spicy enough, ask him and go for it:)