The 1000 Ways.

1.  Remember to love me unconditionally.
2.  Be Team Awesome.
3.  Hugs! Hugs! And more hugs!
4.  Agree when he tells you March 14th is a holiday.
5.  Love him for him!
6.  Live in your femininity.
7.  Give him space.
8.  Say, “Help me fix this.”
9.  Smile.
10.  Don’t b!tch when Friday night plans change.
11.  Let his mom be his mom.
12.  Tell him, “You’re right.”
13.  Enjoy yummy, minty lip gloss.
14.  Tell a joke.
15.  Don’t cry.
16.  Make birthdays a big deal!
17.  Rock your high heels.
18.  Learn to be sexy in a t-shirt and jeans.  
19.  Understand that the King came on a donkey… not a stallion.
20.  Don’t interrupt. 
21.  Flirt.
22.  Stop acting like all men are dogs.
23.  Spice things up.
24.  Take silly pictures together. 
25.  Be his biggest cheerleader.
26.  Cook him a feel-good, manly meal.
27.  Travel together… anywhere.
28.  Sing and dance to cheesy songs. 
29.  Keep it honest.
30.  Let him surprise you.
31.  Say, “I’m proud of you! and mean it.
32.  Wear something off the shoulder.
33.  Cater to him.
34.  Loyalty.
35.  Don’t brag about being “Miss Independent.”
36.  Don’t rush things.
37.  Use drunk texting to your advantage.
38. Remember that intelligence is sexy.
39. Know when to walk away from a fight.
40. Let him pick the movie.
41. Steer clear of bright lipstick.
42. Believe that you’re beautiful.
43. When things get tough, look forward tomorrow.
44. Remember the little things.
45. Show big appreciation when he does nice things.
46. Give him “Air Hugs” when you’re under the weather.
47. Say no to temptation.
48. Video games.
49. Sleep in on a weekday.
50. Send him poetry.
51. When he asks for space, give it to him.
52. Don’t get mad when he works late.
53. Give up a little closet space.
54. Encourage him.
55. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

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